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My Master describes all Chinese Martial Arts as having developed over a 5,000 year period, and although there are many separate styles, one can often find similarities from one style that influence, or are reflected in another. Chen Style Tai Chi was created about 400 years ago, and is described as an 'Internal Martial Art' using training methods that place a greater emphasis on internal energy development combined with unique methods of physical movement.  It's creator was Chen Wangting, a retired army General who is credited with creating Chen Style Tai Chi. The main concept developed by Chen Wang Ting was to combine fighting skills with internal but non-fighting training to utilise a different type of power. In particular the usage of spiral-like winding and unwinding (opening and closing) movements within this internal framework. The internal techniques of daoyin (the concentration of chi or qi) and tuna (deep breathing exercises) are also key aspects used to harmonise and ultimately utilise Qi energy, that when combined with fighting skills defines the unique system of self-defence that is Chen Style Tai Chi.


Qigong exercises may have their origins stretching as far back as 5000 years. They developed from basic dance exercises to stay healthy, which then started to incorporate specialised techniques, such as Tuna - inhalation and exhalation, Daoyin - guiding and conducting exercises, Xiulian - cultivating and refining, Xingqi - circulating Qi. Between 3000 -2000 years BC, the techniques merged, and evolved into a skill or form of exercise involving activating the consciousness to train the body and mind together, a relatively modern name - Qigong was then adopted to describe these exercises and concepts.

The practical methods of Qigong consist of working with the body, breath and mind. These are combined with exercise sequences, or movements series.

Two of the most popular Qigong movement series are the Five Animals Frolics - Wu Xin Xi, which is recognised as one of the earliest forms of Qigong, and imitates the movement of animals to strengthen the body, eliminate illness and promote longevity. The 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade - Ba Duan Jin, emphasises the importance of coordinating the breath with the body, and can improve the flexibility of the sinews, strengthen the bones, nourish the Qi, increase strength, promote Qi and blood circulation, and regulate the internal organs. 

  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

  • Improved flexibility, physical & mental health

  • Helps with posture and strength

  • Improved mobility for the whole body

  • Good for balance, mind-body coordination, and calming the central nervous system

  • Can benefit the digestive and respiratory systems

  • Practised daily by millions worldwide

  • Assists with helping to lower blood pressure

  • Can bring relief to those suffering with low back pain

QI ENERGY (pronounced chee)
  • Qi energy is often described as your vital life force

  • Qi energy can be used to describe the quality or nature of people and the natural world

  • Blocked or stagnant Qi is said to be the root of many diseases

  • Abundant, flowing Qi energy is the support system for Chinese Martial Arts, Qigong, good health and longevity