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Sifu Nick Taylor





Are you...

  • Experiencing lower levels of fitness than you would like to?

  • Tired of trying fitness or Martial Arts classes that leave you exhausted and undermine your confidence?

  • Experiencing lower energy, stamina and interest in your activities due to your age?

  • Missing your younger years when you could do much more with less effort?

  • Looking for a class that will increase your energy and stamina without tiring you out?

  • Suffering from stress in the workplace or your environment?

  • Suffering from joint pain or hip/knee replacements?

  • Wanting to continue your Martial Arts journey in a low impact, less damaging way

  • Struggling with back pain, or neck and shoulder issues?

Tai Chi & Qigong can help you to keep fit, improve your wellbeing, increasing your energy and self-confidence at the same time.


After regular Tai Chi or Qigong online

classes you should expect...

  • Having more energy and stamina for all the things that you wish to do in your life.

  • Having learnt exercises that you can practice at home or outdoors at any time of the day.

  • To feel younger as your external and internal body improve in health and fitness.

  • Look forward to increased motivation for work and life.

  • Your doctor being surprised at your test results, as they show better readings than in previous months (including many conditions).

  • Your self-confidence has improved and you are walking more upright, with an improved posture that also helps you to feel better about yourself.

  • Improved flexibility, significant improvements in physical and mental health and overall wellbeing.

Meet your instructor - Sifu Nick Taylor

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I used to lack confidence and was very stressed when I first started Tai Chi classes. Instinctively I knew that something very special was happening when practicing, and I felt more at ease within myself, and a lot happier. When my Master told me that I should start teaching 20 years ago, I just couldn't see myself doing it, but he had seen something in me that I didn't recognise back then.


My friends could see differences too, they could see how much I was changing and how enthusiastic I was about this Chinese method of exercise and energy cultivation. Six months later I took the plunge and started a class.


Over 20 years later, and having taught hundreds of students, from different parts of the country, my passion for Tai Chi and love of teaching and communicating Tai Chi & Qigong is undimmed.


Now in my 60th year, my physical skills, movement and Tai Chi abilities are the same as when in my 40's, but with a huge amount of training and experience behind me. Teaching Tai Chi online has been in my mind for some time, and now I am really proud and excited to offer you the chance join me on your own journey, and to enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong for yourselves.

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"Following a very difficult personal period in my life and a very stressful period in my career, my health deteriorated and I was ill for some months with work related stress and depression. I was visiting the Osteopath regularly to help relieve stress related neck and shoulder pain, who recommended Tai Chi, Yoga and massage. I tried to find Tai Chi classes locally and I am very grateful that I found Nick's classes. I have no pain in myneck/shoulders now and the classes also helped with my depression. I see this as something I want to continue and it has definitely helped improve my wellbeing. Thank you so much."

Teresa Wynn-Clarke

"I discovered Tai Chi with Nick when I was struggling with lower back pain - the classes are a great way to de- stress and work body and mind in unison, I can thoroughly recommend Nick’s Tai Chi sessions to improve whole body strength and flexibility."

David Clifford

"Nick is a great and inspirational teacher. I have learned that it is possible to work on a life-enhancing path that helps to overcome huge obstacles. Even though I don't practice as much as I would like to, Tai Chi has been extremely important in my life for the last 20 years. Chen Style Tai Chi is a very rewarding and 'deep' and powerful Tai Chi and I cannot imagine not attending classes each week."

Simon Lang

"Tai Chi has made me more aware of how important it is to look after my body, and how it has helped me to improve my outlook on life.

I feel much more focussed and seem to have more energy and strength than I  ever had.

I would definitely recommend Tai Chi to family and friends."

Patricia Mitchell

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"I have learned to relax, breathe. My sleep is better overall. Tai Chi & Qigong have contributed to mental clarity - in times of stress and challenge I can now gather my thoughts in a clear way and proceed with clarity to resolve issues practically. Tai Chi has given me a physical awareness to internal signals. My balance has improved vastly. Learning the form is challenging for my brain and physical body - learning patterns and finer details. This gives you a strong sense of self and who you are. The meditation standing posture is simply fantastic, I found this to really help with my racing thoughts. In summary, Tai Chi has improved the quality of my life enormously, on many fronts. I wish to grow with it as I age. It feels just right for me. Highly recommended."

Maggie Suddens

Your monthly membership subscription gives

you access to...

  • 8 Classes a week are available.

  • Ever growing library of support materials, including lessons and training advice. 

  • The ability to train online with greater privacy, if required.

  • Training with an instructor who is a direct inheritor of the Chen Style Tai Chi family lineage (12th generation).

  • Membership can be cancelled at any time.


All inclusive membership for only
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