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Keeping your body and mind healthy can be difficult but via my Tai Chi & Qigong classes, you can do just that - helping you keep your body fit and mobile, and your mind calm and relaxed.

  • Amazing health benefits for your body and mind

  • Classes throughout the week

  • Attend up to 8 classes per week

  • Join a growing global community

  • Get tuition and guidance from Sifu Nick Taylor, an experienced Tai Chi instructor

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Tai Chi is a form of exercise and martial art that promotes good health and fitness.


Tai Chi is known by several different names, such as Taiji, Tai Chi Chuan, or Shadowboxing. It is an exercise and martial art that orginated in Ancient China, many centuries ago. It has grown to become one of the most popular exercises in the world.


It is recommended by many health professionals and experts, because it provides many health benefits - combining breathing techniques, whole-body movements, and meditation.

Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial Art originally practiced to train for self defence, but has since become a popular work out and meditation exercise that has many health benefits. 

Tai Chi has become a popular exercise for many people around the world. It serves many different purposes, depending on what you are looking for.

 For some, it involves slow, fluid movements. For others, it involves fast movements we typically associate with Kung Fu in popular culture. For some, such as myself, Tai Chi can also involve using a sword as well as other weapons.

Qigong is an exercise for the body, mind and spirit that focuses on the flow of energy through your bod - it is a form of moving meditation


Qigong, much like Tai Chi, involves coordinated, purposeful and flowing movements. Qigong focuses on movement, breathing and meditation, with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts.


As such, some practitioners find it helps them manage the symptoms caused by illness, injury and stress.

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The benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong


Low impact exercise

Complements an active lifestyle

Improve your performance in other sports

Increase your strength and flexibility

Aids your injury recovery and pain relief

Helps with balance and mobility


Strengthens joints and eases stiffness

Improve your breathing and lung capacity

Practitioners live healthier and fitter lives


Relax and de-stress

Feel better motivated and focussed 

Feel happier and more at peace

Improves your cognitive functions

Build muscle memory 

Improve your ability to multi-task


Linked to decreased risk of dementia

Meditation helps escape the modern world


Find tranquillity within your busy life

There are so many health benefits of Tai Chi - there's a little something for everyone. 


For those that live an active lifestyle, Tai Chi is a whole-body exercise that tones all your muscles and improves coordination without the risk of injury, improving your performance in other activities.


For those that are short on time, live a busy and/or stressful lifestyle, Tai Chi & Qigong are exercises/meditation that you can do anywhere, reduce stress and help you take time to yourself.

For those that experience joint paint, muscle stiffness and arthritis, the slow, low-impact movements involved in Tai Chi ease discomfort, improves mobility, and build strength.

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About Me

I'm Nick, and I will be your Tai Chi & Qigong teacher.

I first started learning Tai Chi over two decades ago. For me, Tai Chi started as a hobby, but it soon began to mean much more, and I started on a Tai Chi journey that has spanned over twenty years - I am now a 5th Duan Wei Tai Chi Sifu. 

I was taught by Master Liming Yue, who in turn is a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, who is recognised as one of the best practitioners of  Tai Chi in the world.

At first I only taught locally within my community, encouraged by my Master, my friends and my family - but as I grew in ability and confidence, I started to take part in competitions, be more ambitious with my learning, and have created a global Tai Chi community via my online classes.

Those who practise Tai Chi and Qigong with me do so for a whole range of reasons - some are on a Tai Chi journey much like mine, but many do Tai Chi with me for fun, for fitness and health reasons, or simply to be a part of a kind and caring community. I strongly believe that Tai Chi is an exercise anyone can do... and the benefits of practising Tai Chi and Qigong regularly are incredible.


Me, demonstrating my sword form Tai Chi. At the 2016 British Open Championships, I was awarded Gold for sword form and Best overall weapons routine.



Find out what some of my students had to say about my classes and the benefits from Tai Chi they experienced!

"Nick teaches with clarity and patience, making me aware of the benefits that Tai Chi can bring - not only good health, but also how it couples with the Martial Arts"

- Marie M, online Tai Chi student

"I've found the online classes particularly helpful in drilling down into the fine details of focus and movement"

- Chris W, experienced student (24 years)

"After taking lessons with Nick for twelve months, the improvement in my mobility is noticeable"

- Susie H, Tai Chi student

"Nick has a passion for, and a deep knowledge of, the Art. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn Chen style Tai Chi"

- Terry S, experienced student (10 years)

"Nick's instructions are clear and his additional advice and explanations most illuminating. I enjoy the balanced variety of activities in each class. Before starting Tai Chi I used to feel very stiff when I got up in the mornings - since starting Tai Chi I don't!"

- Claire T, online Tai Chi student

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Online Tai Chi and Qigong classes

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  • Amazing health benefits for body and mind

  • Classes throughout the week

  • Attend up to 8 classes per week

  • Join a growing global community

  • Get tuition and guidance from an experienced Tai Chi Sifu

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