In their words...

"I was recommended to the Devon Tai Chi Centre & Nick Taylor for his online tuition. This was due to my own club in Dorset no longer teaching Laojia Long Form and the unprecedented times we are in. I decided to give this a go. This is only my 6th week and I know this is the correct route to take. I have never met Nick, but you don't need to know or see him in person to benefit from his teachings. Nick teaches with clarity & patience, making me aware of the benefits that Tai Chi can bring - not only for good health but also how it couples with the martial arts. I like the choice of payments.....the cost is very fair.. having the choice of booking on a weekly basis helps. Online tuition is working for me. I feel safe in my own environment and it's a 'one to one' focus for a full hour with no distractions. Nick - many thanks."

Marie McHugh


"I have enjoyed the online classes because I feel more relaxed and not worried about getting it wrong, and can correct as I go. Health benefits have been great.  When I haven't attended class I just wonder what I've missed."

Viv Lygo

"I learned about the health benefits of Tai Chi some 24 years ago when I started learning  a Yang old style long form. Since then I have been peeling back the layers of the onion, to discover new treasures beneath. One of those treasures was joining Nick's Chen style classes to extend my Tai Chi horizons.

Working in the Chen Tai Chi system has brought new challenges and rewards along with a deepening of my understanding of Yang Tai Chi practice.

I've found the new online classes particularly helpful in drilling down into the fine details of focus and movement. Working in a confined space frees the mind from thinking about the whole form enabling it to dwell on the details of each movement."

Chris Waters


"I have been a student of Chen Style Tai Chi for 10 years. I came to Nick's Seminars that he hosted for Grandmaster Liming Yue and have attended Nick's Super Sword Sundays, held once a month. At the beginning of Lockdown, I joined Nick in his online classes.

Nick has a passion for, and a deep knowledge of the Art.

His classes are well balanced, with forms training, and the sharing of forms details.

I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn Chen Style Tai Chi."

Terry Shepherd

"Too good to be true - shortly after 2 months’ practice, my hay fever improves substantially and no more sneezing 🤧 and runny nose every morning. My back pain is also improving 😄 Nick is a fantastic instructor - patient, professional, attention to detail and understands what beginners need to help them to progress. Thank you Tai Chi and thank you Nick ! I’m a Hong Kong Chinese and I’d never have dreamed of learning Chinese martial arts from a westerner and I give him a 👍🏼😊 Both my husband and myself enjoy his lessons very much."

David Goad & Fion Chow

"I too find the online classes very helpful. It is easy to focus and Nick’s instructions are clear and his additional advice and explanations most illuminating. I enjoy the balanced variety of activities in each class. Before starting Tai Chi I used to feel very stiff when I got up in the mornings - since starting Tai Chi I don’t!"

Claire Terry

"I love the online classes as I can do them from home whilst my son is not at school. I have a medical condition that means I am restricted on what activities I can do and I have discovered a huge benefit from Tai Chi. Nick is a fantastic instructor and a lovely man, and I thoroughly enjoy every second."

Lisa Giles

"I am only a beginner with health conditions. I find a doing online classes is a huge benefit for me. Nick's instruction is clear for a beginner like myself,

thank you 🙂."

Jo Gabbitas

Devon Tai Chi Centre 1.jpg

"Although I enjoy the live classes I have found a new dimension with the online classes. I’m more focussed  on Nick and seem to feel more relaxed and less anxious about getting things right . Nicks instruction is very clear, excellent in fact. Thank you Nick 😊."

Julie Marshall

"After taking lessons with Nick for twelve months, the improvement in my mobility is noticeable."

Susie Hill

"It took me decades to find the right Tai Chi teacher and I found him in Nick. His passion, attention to detail, manner and knowledge are exceptional. He is able to differentiate in his teaching. highly recommended classes and workshops."

Jane Baker